Kässbohrer Container Chassis, K.SHG AVH, is engineered for the best load distribution. Designed with a detachable gooseneck and chassis, K.SHG AVH enables the transport of all type of containers up to 45 ft long-tunnel. With its special rear flush fitting, K.SHG AVH enables a faster unloading . The extendable front and rear parts provide high maneuverability in ports as well as inner-city.

Engineered to provide you flexibility in fleet management, Kässbohrer container chassis, K.SHG S offers the best load distribution for maximum maneuverability, especially at narrow and difficult curves. Equipped with 12 container locks, K.SHG S is suitable for the container transportation from 20 ft up to 40 ft high cube with long tunnel containers. In consideration of fast and demanding container loading operations, K.SHG S's chassis is galvanized to enchance product life. Furthermore, K.SHG S is engineered with bolted gooseneck and container locks to eliminate idle workshop time and to maximize your return in your operations.