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With features designed to enhance operational safety, Kässbohrer offers the highest security measures in the dangerous goods transportation. Kässbohrer Fuel-oil Tanker semi-trailer, K.STB 39 is designed with a 5-compartment tank body and 2.350 mm tank diameter. Depending on your working conditions and distribution operation, K.STB 39 can be configured from 1 compartment up to 7compartments along with wide range of measurement system and discharging options. While offering high payload capacity, K.STB 39 offers the next generation fuel oil and its’ derivatives transportation.

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Kässbohrer's Bitumen Tanker semi-trailer, K.STS 32, surpasses all the expectations in the hot petrochemical goods transportation. With a tare weight equal to 6.350 kg and tank diameter 2.000 mm, K.STS 32 offers operational efficiency and lower fuel consumption. Depending on your working conditions, K.STS 32 can be configured with isolation options, such as glass wool isolation ranging from 100 mm to 200 mm, aluminium or stainless steel insulation cover and stainless steel isolation rings. Furthermore, K.STS 32 can be equipped with pneumatic discharge system with wireless remote control.

Engineered by Kässbohrer, K.STC stands out in the dangerous chemical goods transportation. With features, designed to increase safety, K.STC increases the visibility of your fleet. Depending on climate conditions, Kässbohrer offers several isolation options, including glass wool isolation from 100 mm to 200 mm, stainless steel isolation coating, stainless steel isolation rings and FRP coating above the end domes. Moreover, K.STC is equipped with 4 stainless steel heating channels under the tank. Customized according to your transportation needs, K.STC can be configured with several volume options.

Engineered for the safe and clean transportation of manure and animal waste, Kässbohrer designed the K.STN 30 for the use in the agriculture and renewable energy power plants. Designed with features for safety and flexibility, the K.STN is equipped with pump, armatures, lubrication systems, cleaning lines and other options. The fast and precise filling and discharging provides flexibility and speed. Made of high quality Stainless Steel, the K.STN features maximum resistance against corrosion.